Hi!  I’m Jason Klamm.  If you’ve heard of me, it’s probably because of the Comedy on Vinyl podcast, or because you’ve seen me in LA’s hit show, 7-years-and-counting, A Drinking Game*, or you’ve noticed me as a footnote to an early viral video that was based off of another viral video. Also, Gore Vidal once called me a better interviewer than Ken Burns.  He was probably wrong.

I’m a writer, an actor and I edited most of the movies and podcasts I’m involved with.  I also am a cartoonist and sculptor.  As a writer, my mentors were Fielding Dawson (who once kindly compared my work to Kafka) and Mike Newell, a yin and yang of discord and… cord.  Respectively.

I’m a proud graduate of an alternative high school, Upward Bound Alternative High School in Hartwick, New York, as well as Columbia College Chicago.

I made a dinosaur video once that science really liked.  I have a small sketch comedy record label, Celery Sound Records.

*I’ve played Vizzini, Rugen, Marty McFly, Hedley Lamarr, Charles DeMar, Michael Bolton, Scott Pilgrim, Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, Garth Algar and more.  It’s one of the things I’m most proud of.  You should see it.

Latest Projects

I’m currently wrapping up my third feature film, the improvised political mockumentary Looking Forward: 2016, and my second feature film, the documentary Lords of Soaptown, is available on DVD from Dreamscape Media.  I’ve written scripts for Jamie Kennedy and had my short films distributed by such varied outlets as NBC/Universal and Frontier Airlines.

I’ve written two books, the latest of which is entitled Post-Modem: The Interwebs Explained.  I’m currently working on my third.


I’ve been hosting, cutting and producing my own podcasts since 2011.  My first podcast, Comedy on Vinyl, features the legends and up-and-comers of comedy talking about their favorite vinyl comedy albums.  In 2015, the show made comedy history when it premiered a long-lost Bob Newhart track, unheard for almost 50 years.

My other two weekly shows are Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour and Dispatches from Fort Awesome: A NewsRadio Podcast.  In Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour, my best friend, Dan and I, use the pretense of discussing our dumb sketch comedy from when we were thirteen as an excuse to bullshit for an hour, and bring in versions of Dan from other dimensions.  In Dispatches from Fort Awesome, my buddy, Allen Rueckert, and I, discuss episodes of NewsRadio along with our co-host, Jen, who lives on the ether.

I’ve also consulted with folks like Craig Ferguson on making their own forays into podcasting.


I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with all manner of genius to help get my work done. Often, this is for free because these people are also excessively kind. I recommend checking out all of their work and working with them. Seriously. Contact them now.

Dan Gomiller
Allen Rueckert
Laura Napoli
Alex Salem
Natalie Lynch
Brett Schlank
Ray Nowosielski
Matt Saxe
Ryan Penington
Ari Jarvis
Michael Curasi
Nic Robes