Episode 50 – S3E13 – Led Zeppelin Boxed Set – With Special Guest Joe Furey

It’s our fiftieth episode!  But it’s not about Our Fiftieth Episode.  Joe Furey returns!  We WILL make a u-turn back to Rap quite soon, as well.

Episode 49 – Mark Fite on His Two NewsRadio Roles!

Mark Fite played two separate characters – MAYBE – in season 3.  And he’s a damned delight!

Episode 48 – S3E11 – The Trainer – With Special Guest Joe Furey

Episode 47 – S3E10 – Christmas

Episode 46 – S3E09 – Stocks

Mini-Episode 3

A quick game of catch-up while we wind up for some new episodes, as well as ramblings about the NewsRadio tribute comic, BluRay, Piano and more.  Send questions and more to us, call 646-801-WNYX and e-mail freakzilla@scopenet.com!

Episode 45 – S3E08 – Movie Star

Episode 44 – Out of Order with Jesse Thorn – S4E4 Super Karate Monkey Death Car

We go crazy this week and talk about one of Jesse Thorn’s favorites from the near future.  We also get derailed several times.

Episode 43 – S3E07 – Daydream

Episode 42 – S3E06 – Awards Show