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I’m on Jackie Kashian’s “The Dork Forest” this week!

I’m super-proud to have been invited on Jackie Kashian’s legendary podcast “The Dork Forest,” in which I ramble like a genius for an hour about the many things she decided to let me talk about because she’s way too nice.  Jackie was so gracious and funny, and I was honored to be invited on.  Give it a listen here!

Sam Choo | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 133

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“One informed guest or one informed caller can just but us on a different rail.”
Producer and broadcast director for MPR News Sam Choo talks ab…


Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast Episode 47 – Mustard, Inc.

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This week, the hilarious Allen Rueckert joins us to discuss our first feature film, “Looking Forward.”  While it doesn’t say “Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour” on it anywhere, there are DJCH clips (some of which you’re already familiar with) in it, because it’s based on Dan and my actual childhoods, if only loosely.  Also, Maury Povich gets a credit.  That kinda seals the deal.

Allen had almost no time to prepare and, while the film is entirely improvised, he still became the glue of the whole project.  Without his character, the story doesn’t make sense, and without his sincerity, the character was written very blandly.  Also, Dan’s pretty good in it, too. Continue reading

Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour – Allen Rueckert and Zack Foulkes as Scott and Chad in ‘Looking Forward’ (2012)


Alright, kids, on Monday, episode 47 will premiere, with special guest Allen Rueckert, to talk about my first feature film, Looking Forward, in which Dan and I co-star, with Allen and a bunch of other insanely talented folks.  It’s basically a Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour joint, without the amazing branding.  Here, for your enjoyment , is a full clip of Allen’s first time meeting Zack, which also happens to be their first improv scene together.  Which also happens to be over the phone, because Zack was on the East Coast.  It’s one of my favorite things that didn’t make it all the way into the finished film (there are several clips in it, though).

– Jay

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Why Did I Buy This Episode 025: Three to Tango

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0025posterIn this episode, Dan and Ari discuss the Matthew Perry vehicle, Three to Tango (1999).  They discuss stereotypes and breaking through them.  They also examine how Neve Campbell plays a savvy Pixie Dream Girl.  All that, and more, inside!

Pod Question:  What is a movie that you enjoy that pushes the boundaries of political correctness?
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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 142 – Janet Varney on Albert Brooks – Comedy Minus One

Janet Varney stops by her own home to delve into Albert Brooks’ classic “Comedy Minus One” for our second go-round with this album.  This time, we get a picture of an entirely new experience – namely, someone who grew up without the script to the act-along segment!  This made for an e

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Dinosaurs: They Certainly Were Big (2004)

Actually, this was created in 2002 for a science class at Columbia College Chicago, but when I put it on an early video-sharing site, it got enough views to get our video played on Frontier Airlines, and even got me interviewed in The New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times and some other places.  Enjoy my excess of hair.

Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour – No Episode This Week, But Here’s Why

Dear Patriots,
Jay, here.  We recorded a rollicking almost-three-hours show last night with friend of the show Allen Rueckert.  Allen plays what might be the most critical part in my first feature film, Looking Forward (which you can watch for free below), and that’s what he, Dan and I di…

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