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With Special Guests Colin the Vampire Viking and Stuuuuuuuuuu!

The Buddies are joined by Colin the Vampire Viking, in his second BIS guest appearance, along with his long-time friend Stu Allen, two former members of horror movie podcast “The Death of Horror.”

Horror movies and tropes get discussed and dissected, Mike drudges up one of his craziest NYC stories yet and Bragg’s Apple Cider drinks are tasted aplenty. Spoiler: they’re not half bad.

Also, Colin and Stu relay their curious tendency to get “two-spooned” when ordering a dessert at a restaurant…

Stu didn’t get to talk much, so savor his every word. Enjoy!


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Thrashback Thursday – 2004

Thrashback Thursday – 2004

If I ever became a bikini, it’d only be because I love the beach.
By Jason Klamm

When my friend Glenn said “Damn, I’d like to be that bikini,” I understood what he meant. But it made me think. What must it be to life your life as a bikini? And as I pondered this, I slowly realized that I, too, wished to be a bikini. But if I ever became a bikini, it’d be only be because I love the beach so much.

The sun rippling across my fabric, I’d roll in the sand and enjoy the day with the rest of the bikinis. The sound of seagulls singing their desolate song would lull me to sleep under the ass I was currently strapped to. The smell of the salt air would bring me back to parasailing with Uncle Rod. But, then again- can a bikini have an uncle? After all, aren’t all bikinis female? I’m not really sure.

But I do know that the highlight of my day as a bikini would come in the water. I love the envelope of that warm, barreling current. I would soon soak in the water that now covers the adequate to beautiful breasts that I protect. These would be my breasts to take care of. I would be their guardian. Lest a hand come near, or a UV ray offend, my strong fabric would keep my breasts from danger.

Not that I’d be so possessive- rather, they wouldn’t be MY breasts in an absolute sense. But I would feel a sense of urgency to protect them. My twin charges, they would be my soul thought. As would the ass.

I wonder what kind of fabric I’d be. It seems to me that I wouldn’t want to be a standard sort of polyester- no need to conform as all the other bikinis do. Neither would I want to be something like those swimsuit models wear- suede, or something. I would want to be something protective, however- something sensible and practical. And plastic seems the way to go. Maybe- if I were get my wish, a poly-cotton blend, to bring just enough breathability and comfort simultaneously to those breasts, and, of course, ass, that I would be the sole guardian of.

And thusly, I would awake only on those days that my dear friends the breasts and ass would travel to the beach. The salt air in my lungs, wherever those might be, the sun beating down on me, and the sound of waves lapping at me. It sure would be wonderful to be a bikini, just not in that pervert way.

Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 146 – Joseph Scrimshaw on Morey Amsterdam – The Next One Will Kill You

Joseph Scrimshaw is back!  And this time, we do something I’ve been waiting to do a long time on this show – let the guest pick from the archive and we both listen to it, fresh.  This week, we listen to one of two comedy albums (in the same year) by “The Human Joke Machine,” Morey Amsterdam.  Perhaps best known as Buddy on The Dick Van Dyke Show, here he rattles off joke after joke in a variety of strange, fun little songs, and we pick it apart.

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Comedy on Vinyl Live! A Tribute to Robin Williams, featuring Rick Overton

We’re proud to present a live episode of the Comedy on Vinyl podcast, as part of the 13th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival at IO West. This show will be a celebration of the life and work of Robin Williams, with special guest Rick Overton!  Hosted by Jason Klamm.

The live podcast is free to all Festival participants and $10 to non-participants. The Chris Farley House (the Festival’s beneficiary) will receive money from all the panels, workshops and shows.

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Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast Food Holes with Dan & Jay – Episode 2 – Hopjes

Episode 2 of our spin-off video podcast “Food Holes with Dan & Jay!” features Jay’s second challenge to Dan – the incredibly tough-to-bite Hopjes, a coffee candy from the Netherlands.

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Why Did I Buy This Episode 027: Hot Shots!

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In this installment of Why Did I Buy This?, Dan and Ari discuss the classic Top Gun parody, Hot Shots! (1991).  Dan learns that all his favorite spoofs are a genre of one man, Jim Abrahams, and realizes he probably has to watch Scary Movie 4.  Meanwhile, Ari discusses her hatred for the love interest, Ramada.

Pod Question:  What is your favorite spoof movie (and Mel Brooks spoof movie!)?

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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 145 – Christopher Bay on Shelley Berman – Inside Shelley Berman

Every once in awhile, because of this show, I’m fortunate enough to meet an official archivist for a legend.  This week, I talk with Christopher Bay, who is the archivist for not only Shelley Berman, but for Woody Woodbury.  Christopher talks about his experiences with Shelley, including discovering him and imitating him from a young age.  We do talk a bit about this, Shelley’s first album, but it’s pretty all-inclusive, especially with this episode’s final clip – a rarity, courtesy Christopher himself.

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Tim Gihring | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 136

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“Storytelling is a pretty good way to tell art history, science, you name it.”
Tim Gihring is the Brand Narrator at the Minneapolis Ins…


Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast Episode 50 – Alien Paddingtons

This week, Dan and Jay celebrate episode 50 with special guest Taylor Jessen!  We stick to our digital-only stuff this time around, discussing the opener for our proposed sketch show “Dan and Jay’s Community Service,” which will also serve as the origin story for the podcast’s theme.  Video below.

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