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Laura Holway & Ben McGinley | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 146

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“I think we both knew that we liked each other, but I was a pretty damaged person.”
Laura Holway is a choreographer, theater maker, wri…



With Special Guest Ben Coury, Political Pundit and Entrepreneur!

For this episode, the Buddies are joined by national Man of Mystery and Mike’s oldest friend from high school, Mr. Benjagamin Coury (his pronunciation). He’s many things: Scholar. Political Theorist. Web Designer. Former Store Manager of a Certain Evil Cell Phone Retailer. And he’s blowing the whistle on EVERYTHING.

OK, some of that isn’t true.

What, maybe he’s not really a scholar?!

Actually, the Buddies get political for a hot damn minute (or twenty), and their guest shares some great methods to research politics in an unbiased way, as well as his predictions for how this Presidential race will play out.

The evils of sales and retail employment also get explored at length, and there’s even a happy ending for our erstwhile guest host. Awwwwww. And hey, the number of people who don’t want children actually outnumber the parents in this episode!

Plus- Video game and Dungeons & Dragons nostalgia! Pony rides! Grappa! The bizarre meta-ending of Big Bang Theory!

But you know what you’ll remember the most? All of the laughter…


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Why Did I Buy This Episode 032: Frequency

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0032posterJoin Ari and and Dan as they discuss yet another time-fuckery movie.  This one is a Lakehouse-esque murder-mystery starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Cavievezel.  A discussion establishes the practicalities of the time-line changes.

POD Question:  What’s your favorite father/son bonding movie.

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The Million McFly March is Tomorrow, From 9 AM to 6 PM! Here’s the Schedule

9 AM: Selling of raffle tickets, music begins and photo booth starts up

10:00: Costume contest #1

10:30: Raffle #1

11:00: Prop Contest #1 – Bring your props, too!

11:30: Raffle #2

12:00: Trivia Contest #1

12:30: Raffle #3

1:00: Hoverboard Decorating Contest – We bring the hoverboards, you decorate them and get your picture taken with them

1:30: Raffle #4

2:00: Karaoke

2:30: Raffle #5

3:00: Trivia Contest #2

3:30: Minor Strut Plays Set #1

4:00: Costume / Prop Contests #2

4:30: Minor Strut Plays Set #2

5:00: Final Raffle – Movie tickets for the Noon, 10/22 premiere of the documentary Back In Time!

5:30-6:00: Closing Ceremony / Final Group Photo

Raffle tickets will be available throughout the day and are $1 each. All proceeds go to TeamFox, so the more tickets you buy, the better chance you have to win, and the more you’re giving to charity. And the Clock Tower.*

There will be limited amounts of free bottles of water and apple slices, donated kindly by Burger King. Even though the BK is under renovation, they’re STILL hosting us, because they’re awesome. When you get really hungry, stop by Pizza Rev Burbank and 20% of what you buy will go to TeamFox.

Prizes for contests will include special event-only Million McFly March Logo t-shirts, McFly Family photos, Million McFly March posters and other items.

Download a PDF of this schedule here:

*Not really going to the non-existent clock tower, if you were wondering.


Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast Mashback Monday – Episode 23 – October 14, 2014

Since Jay is working to organize The Million McFly March, we won’t have any new episodes for the next two weeks, but you CAN enjoy this flashback episode from just over a year ago.   You can enjoy the episode here: and the video we discuss follows.

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Food Holes with Dan & Jay – Episode 6 – Rose Turkish Delight

Episode 6 of our video podcast “Food Holes with Dan & Jay!” features Dan’s first challenge to Jay: Rose Turkish Delight.  It’s also our first non-Hangouts episode, so you can enjoy not the crunchy, weird video.

Find DJCHOUR on Twitter #FoodHoles
Do the same for Dan Gomiller & Jason

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Million McFly March Updates

On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, StolenDress Entertainment is bringing the world the Million McFly March.  Fans of the film will gather at the first real-world location used in Back to the Future (The Burbank Burger King at 545 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, California 91502), dressed as Marty McFly, to participate in the largest gathering of McFlys in history, and to help raise money for Parkinson’s research.  Let’s gather on the day Marty travels to in Back to the Future II and, instead of mourning the lack of a hoverboard, let’s celebrate the film and help some people out in the process.

**UPDATE: Two raffle winners will get tickets to the Los Angeles premiere of the Back to the Future documentary Back in Time!

**UPDATE: A number of actors from the films have offered up autographed photos for raffle, including Harry Waters, Jr (Marvin Berry!), Jeffrey Weissman (George McFly in Parts I & II!) and Donald Fullilove (Goldie Wilson!)

**UPDATE: We’ll have raffles of Back to The Future Themed Art from brilliant artists like Adam Koford, Sara Pocock and Jenny Fine

Minor Strut-web promo image-1**UPDATE: Our band is announced!  The awesome Minor Strut will play, starting at 3:30, joined by Mark Campbell (Marty’s singing voice!) for a very special performance!

**UPDATE: Buy the poster and other items now!  All proceeds are donated to TeamFox

**UPDATE: Donate $10 for 20 chances to appear on the Comedy on Vinyl podcast!

You can donate now at the official TeamFox page for the event:, and we’re also looking at other team events to help raise more funds.  We’re open to any suggestions fans of the movies have, as well.

The Facebook event page:


For media contact: