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Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast Food Holes With Dan & Jay – Episode 13 – Dan’s Leftovers

This week on Food Holes, Dan and Jay try some of the detritus left over from Dan’s original Food Holes mailing to Jay.  And they both do it in person.

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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 183 – Travis McElroy on Reiner and Brooks – 2000 and One Years

Your middlest brother, Travis McElroy, joins me this week ostensibly to talk about an admittedly great and not-often-enough-spoken-of-hyphen album, but we get off on a tangent when we discover Blazing Saddles is both of our favorite film.  But we come back.  I promise.

Host: Jason Kl

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Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast Episode 79 – Robot Dan

Dan and Jay talk about an experiment where they turn a few sketches from their album Shoestrings into MIDI files.  Prepare to hear Dan and Jay as pianos.

Don’t forget to watch their real-time feature film Looking Forward: 2016.

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Tipping Is a State of Mind

The Buddies sit down with devil-themed, double-blind gin flights and get down to discussing restaurant tipping. Restaurants killing tipping and the sociological phenomenon of under-tipping as a group gets dissected. #thestruggleisreal

Mike pontificates on the psychological benefits of his diet, while S’mike poo-poos it. One thing the Buddies DO agree on, though, is antibiotics and their effect on gut health.


Also: Mike’s son’s eating assessment results! NYC trips! The joys of righteous indignation!

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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 182 – Jeff Morris on Bad News


Dr. Demento’s archivist, memory acrobat and comedy lover, Jeff Morris picked a US re-release of an album by the UK “group” Bad News, featuring two members of The Young Ones and two other English comedians in an early-80s rock music parody that paralleled This Is Spinal Ta

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Dispatches from Fort Awesome, Episode 0 – Trailer and Intro

Allen Rueckert and Jason Klamm are good friends, frequently act together, and not all that long ago discovered they had a mutual love of the classic NBC sitcom, NewsRadio. This recording was meant to be a trailer, but there’s about 10 minutes of excited anticipatory discussion that we thought would be fun to post as Episode Zero.

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Novelization Realization Project: The Fifth Element

Rich Stroffolino is joined by Ben Weinberg to talk about Terry Bisson’s novelization of The Fifth Element. Is the been a thoughtful expansion of the movie’s unique setting, or a mandatory restructuring of the script into a novel on the most cynical level? Also discussed: self-loathing aliens, deleted scenes, and Hershey head syrup.

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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 181 – Aline Brosh McKenna on Fiddler on the Roof

Okay, so I give my guests the options of some things that aren’t strictly comedy, when those things inspired them and at least have some comedic elements to them.  Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devils Wears Prada, 27 Dresses AND co-creator of friend of the show Rachel Bloom’s wonderful show Crazy Ex

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Happy 13th Birthday, Us!

It’s Bar Mitzvah time, kids. is 13 years old today. This year, we celebrate a number of milestones. Our first viral video is 15, Comedy on Vinyl turns 5 and is now in the earbuds of a few million listeners at, Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour will hit 100 episodes, Lords of Soaptown is coming to DVD, and we’re rolling out our most unconventional feature film, piece by piece, through November.

I’m very proud that so much has happened through this website, especially since it originally started as a place for me to put my writing and resume.  I wanted it to be a gathering place for young filmmakers, but it ended up being a place where my collaborations could find an online home when they didn’t get sold to someone.

The thing I’m most thankful for, though, is that I’ve lucked into a group of writers, actors, directors and producers who have given of their time to help me get my dream projects done.  When I say “given,” I really mean that.  Our early projects, and a lot of them still, depend on collaborating for free to get stuff made.  This includes guys like Ray Nowosielski, Ryan Penington and Damien Salimeno shooting Lords of Soaptown for free.  This includes my actors, writers and directors, like Rachel Lynn, Scott Pettis, Chad Newman, Doug Wilkinson-Gray, Matt Saxe, TJ Cencula, Laura Napoli, Dan Gomiller, Allen Rueckert, Jeremy Guskin and a ton of other people who helped me struggle through figuring out the original Looking Forward for EIGHT YEARS.  This includes everyone who has put together a podcast and then let me distribute their shows, like Ari Jarvis, Dan Gomiller, Mike Worden, Richard Stroffolino, Matt Saxe and Levi Weinhagen, all of whom have at one time or another put their shows under the StolenDress banner.  It includes my wife, Jen, who edited my latest book, Post-Modem.  Anyone who helped me shoot our first webseries, InformNation, or the short film CSI: LA, or the pilot pieces for Dan and Jay’s Community Service, or Conan O’Brien’s Romance-A-Tee, or Ho! Christmas Tree or The Million McFly March.  My amazing improviser/actor/producers who are creating individual blogs for Looking Forward: 2016 are geniuses, in no small measure.

I have lucked into knowing a lot of brilliant people who I hope know that I love them and appreciate that they do such amazing hard work for me, often with less guidance than I should provide.  Thank you to everyone who trusts me enough to give me their time and their immense talent.

And dammit, Chad Newman, why did you propose that I buy this URL for no reason other than a whim, and why did I stick with it?

– Jason Klamm

The trailer for Looking Forward: 2016, because it makes me happy: