Why Did I Buy This?

Why Did I Buy This: World of Tomorrow (2015)

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WDISTI originally saw the Oscar-nominated short, World of Tomorrow, with my friend at the little indie movie theater here in Boise. It was shown with the collection of all the nominated animated shorts. I’d read the synopsis of it when it first appeared on Netflix, but it seemed depressing. I’d avoided it for weeks by the time we went to see the shorts, so when its title popped up on the screen I felt apprehensive.

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Why Did I Buy This: Crimson Peak: Fluffy

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picturepetsWhile many of the great animal actors stood over two and a half feet tall, the shorter actors, actually, often steal the entire film. Remember Whitey, the gorgeous ingénue from Fatal Attraction? At 6 inches tall, she delivered a death performance that is still being talked about nearly 30 years later. And let’s not forget Toto the Terrier (née Terry), who, to this day, is stealing the hearts of audiences in her iconic role as Toto in 1939’s Wizard of Oz, stood just shy of a foot tall.

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Why Did I Buy This The Loft (2014)

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WDISTMen are scum.

Okay, no, they aren’t really. But if you only had this film to go by, you would really think they were.

I’d seen the trailer when it first came out, and I was interested, despite the fact that it seemed very straightforward and obvious. And the fact that this is the second remake of the original Belgium film, I assumed there must be something to it.

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Why Did I Buy This Episode 034: The Muppets Take Manhattan

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0034posterIn this episode, Ari and Dan explore magical land of Manhattan, as only Jim Henson could envision it.  They discuss The Muppets Take Manahattan (1984), as well as briefly hit on Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas (1977).  Also we find out why Ari thought The Muppet Movie (1979) ended right after they met Miss Piggy,

POD Question:  What is your favorite Muppet song?

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Why Did I Buy This Me Before You (2016)

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TrailerTrashingI have to preface this review with the mention that after showing the first half of this trailer to my bestfriend Shannon, she ran out of the room, declaring that if it ends badly she will not see it. She added something along the lines of “I can’t even.”

Usually, with these kinds of films, I can’t even either. At first glance it’s a trite, over-worked cliché of a film, but the trailer does an admirable job of showing these characters as more than just paper dolls, unlike the characters in other sappy, overwrought melodramas. Continue reading


Why Did I Buy This Sadako vs. Kayako (June 2018)

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TrailerTrashingI guess I could have looked for a translated version of this trailer, but I had more fun watching it without even knowing what was being said. These film franchises are already so well established that we frankly don’t really need a translation to know what’s going on.

The trailer with the years and…titles? Awards? Okay, this is the downside of not having a translated version.

I have looked for a translated version, and could not find one, so you’re stuck with my guesswork.

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Why Did I Buy This The Pharmacy Scene From Hell

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moviemelangeIf I believed in guilty pleasures, I’d probably consider He’s Just Not That Into You to be right up there next to Dirty Dancing and Bulletproof. However, I don’t subscribe to the whole guilty pleasure disclaimer. I think if you like a film, you should embrace it. I understand that’s pretty rich coming from a woman whose entire podcast is built on making excuses for her vast and diverse DVD collection, but I stand by it.

I like the films I like.

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Why Did I Buy This Episode 033: Hocus Pocus

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0033posterAri and Dan explore the halloween classic, Hocus Pocus (1993).  They are joined once again by sister-wives Shannon Gomiller and Kimberley Gomiller.  Check your volume levels, as the fun had got a bit noisy.

Kimberley and Ari also discuss the writing marathon, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and Ari is raising donations to help fight child illiteracy!  Go to https://www.classy.org/AridawnSponsors to donate!

POD Question:  What is a movie you would introduce to the next generation?

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Why Did I Buy This Episode 032: Frequency

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0032posterJoin Ari and and Dan as they discuss yet another time-fuckery movie.  This one is a Lakehouse-esque murder-mystery starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Cavievezel.  A discussion establishes the practicalities of the time-line changes.

POD Question:  What’s your favorite father/son bonding movie.

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Why Did I Buy This Episode 031: Back To the Future

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0031posterAri and Dan travel through time to meet Jason Klamm (Comedy on Vinyl) and discuss the classic Back To the Future Trilogy (1985, 1989, 1990).  A deep discussion is had utterly SHREDDING Doc Brown’s theory of time.  Also we wish there were more fax machines in our homes.

This episode was recorded to help draw attention to the Million McFly March happening in L.A. on October 21, 1985!  The MMM is raising money for Team Fox and Parkinson’s research.  Find out more on their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1616435401903934/

Pod Question:  What is your favorite time-fuckery movie.

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