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StolenDress Entertainment side-project and mini-series podcasts.

StolenPod Episode 6 – Announcing StolenDress SideCasts

We’re proud to announce our new podcast feed for mini-series and one-off episodes of audio stuff. We’re calling them our SideCasts, and you’ll be able to subscribe on iTunes shortly, or you can check out the page here:


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This week Mike sits down with the hilarious and talented Bayne Gibby (Hot In Cleveland, The Comeback) to discuss the Original Broadway Cast Recording of A Chorus Line.  

You can find Bayne on Twitter @baynegibby or her website

Host: Mike Worden
Producer: Jason Klamm
The Cast Cast is a fun, conversational style podcast hosted by Mike Worden that focuses on our favorite (and not so favorite) Broadway cast recordings from the Golden Era through Today!

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The Cast Cast – Episode 2- High Fidelity The Musical

Mike goes it alone this week and talks about the short lived production of High Fidelity – The Musical. Issues of fidelity are discussed as the adaption ranges from book, screen to stage.

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The Cast Cast The Cast Cast Episode 1 – The Producers – with Jason Klamm

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Pilot episode with Jason Klamm, Host of Comedy on Vinyl and Founder of StolenDress Entertainment!  Jason and I sit down to chat about the Original Broadway cast recording of The Producers.   We discuss issues of adaptation fidelity with an emphasis on the Original Mel Brooks Film to Broadway to…

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StolenPod Episode 3

A new episode of your semi-occasional podcast about the goings-on over here at StolenDress Entertainment. Jason tells you about our new show, Buddies in Space, as well as our first charity event, the Million McFly March.

StolenPod Episode 1