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Crocodile Mike-dee

G’day, mates! In this rousing episode, the Buddies drink a kombucha concoction as Mike recounts his bizarre emergency two-week trip down under to Australia, complete with ridiculous stories from the natives, goofy observations and a plethora of bad luck.

Plus: The confusion of walking on the left side! The taste of kangaroo flesh! Drunken Australianisms!

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Meals Ready To Eat Or Something

The Buddies knock back painfully spicy Jinn + Ja rum cocktails while committing the most cardinal of geek sins, reviewing a movie neither of them has seen. But since the drinks burn so good and the movie being reviewed second-hand is Batman vs. Superman, everyone agrees that it’s cool.

Except maybe Ben Affleck.

The super-powers of Super Delegates get explored, although little is known about these strange and elusive Democratic creatures.

The Buddies then risk life and botulism when they open a decade-old US military MRE, or Meal Ready to Eat, which they purchased years previous at a Canadian Army-Navy Surplus store. Figure that one out! Some surprising discoveries are made about military food technology, as well as military-grade instruction writing.

Also covered: the Dungeons and Dragons alignment of General Zod! Extra S’mike abuse! And a very special guest introduction/birthday wish!

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(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)