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2017 Top Lists of Whatever the Hell We Felt Like

The Buddies warm themselves with Mike’s hard n’ hot apple cider as they see 2017 out the door, counting down this insane year the right way. The Buddies way.

With “Top Whatever” Lists!

Plus: No Star Wars spoilers! Silver linings! Plus-sized litter mats!

Annnd of course, humor…


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Hard n’ Hot Cider Recipe

6oz apple cider

2oz Apple Pie Moonshine

1/2 shot whiskey

dried cloves

sliced apple

sliced oranges

Warm all ingredients on stovetop


Pissed Connections

The Buddies are at it again, and this time no corner of Craigslist is safe!

On a suggestion from S’mike’s wife, BIS tackles the weirdest, creepiest and most desperate Missed Connections they can be handed (because they’re too lazy to find some themselves), and then mock the hell out of ’em.

Didn’t see that coming, DID ya?!

Marvel at the sparkling wit of the Trader Joe’s Passive-Aggressivist! Stand in awe of the creepy office park drone who is crowd-sourcing his stalking! Groan at the ubergeek who fills his post with more references than even the Buddies combined can pick up on!

Also, Mike relays his brief stint as a post-apocalyptic slum lord, S’mike toes the line of being a ruiner and OMG AERITH DIES ALL OVER AGAIN NOOOOOOOOO.

Oh, and Trainwreck gets a favorable review. Even if some penises are made to shrivel…


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(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)