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The Buddies Get Deep with Special Guest Joshua Lippincott

Battling a ghost in the machine, the Buddies are joined by special guest and fellow board game geek Joshua Lippincott. Drinks are shared, pizza is ordered, and then things get really, really deep. This, THIS, is the danger of having Josh Lippincott on your podcast!

Also: The moral correctness of dick pics in the modern age! Diagnostic troubleshooting in everyday life! Millennials!

Annnnd humor…


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(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)


S’Mike Gets Bullied by a Two-Year-Old

On a very special after-school episode of Buddies In Space, S’mike gets bullied by Mike’s two-year-old son. Sticks and stones break his bones, and names hurt S’mike deeply…

To ease S’mike’s pain, Mike whips up a tasty maple syrup and pot still whiskey Old Fashioned, and the Buddies recount their New Year’s Eve lameness, their day of board gaming and they finally discuss That Thing In Rogue One That Mike Didn’t Want To Discuss Right After The Movie Came Out.

Also: New board game reviews! The OA! Humorous contextual phrasing!


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(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)