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Wives’ Challenge: Food Torture Edition

The Buddies drink Mike’s Hendrick’s Gin  “health tonics” as they submit themselves to the ultimate test of marital trust: They gave each of their wives $20 and told them to buy the weirdest food they could find, and then the Buddies agreed to eat a little of everything.

No guarantees on Mike n’ S’mike’s continued survival here, folks!

Plus: The Hu’watch 2 looks like poo! Legion love! And Jello!


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With Hilarious Special Guest Abby Devuyst, the Busiest Woman In Showbiz!!!

The Buddies are joined by good friend and fellow Unleashed Improv veteran Addy Devuyst, an actress and comedienne performing in no less than 40 shows during the 10-day Rochester Fringe Festival.

That’s as exhausting as it is impressive!

Marvel at Abby’s sparkling wit as she proves both her geek and Greek cred to the Buddies, relays her first “S’Mike performing in sweatpants” experience and explains just how insane participating in a Fringe Festival can be.

Also covered: performing in a full hot tub, Zombie Broadway, shrimp with Fabio’s hair and a delicious new drink concoction.

And as always, dear listener… Comedy! Ribaldry! And cockamamie stories!

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(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)