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The Genetic Breakdown of S Michael Smith

The Buddies sip a “Gin-etic” cocktail as they dissect S’mike’s ancestry and genetic traits, courtesy of 23andme.com. And what they discover is truly unbelievable!

No, seriously this time.

If you’re curious about what 23andme is all about, this is your best chance to hear an unbiased take on all of the many insights they offer.*

Plus: S’mike’s muscle type in relation to power athletes! Back-hair-offs! And how to get fellatio from white supremacists!

Listen to Original Podcast Here: goo.gl/D94QQG
(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)


*This episode was NOT sponsored in any way by 23andme. Buttttt… if they’d like to throw us a lil’ sumpin’ for devoting a whole episode to their service, we wouldn’t say nooooooooo…