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Powdered Jesus On a Chip

The Buddies (well, S’mike, specifically) birth an outstanding new drink, the “Dead Rodent.” “Dr. Strange” gets further critiqued, and then the Buddies go down a deep, deep hole about Mike Birbiglia’s outstanding film “Don’t Think Twice.”

Long story short, a comedy about an improv troupe fucked Mike up but good!

Also: Dissecting the New York City improv scene! Chinese powdered Jesus! Comedic comedy!


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(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)


Vomiting Up Memories

Travel back in time, dear listener, as Buddies In Space hypnotize you and unpack your childhood recollections.

Well, really they just unpack more of their own childhood recollections. And instead of hypnosis, they use alcohol. So that entire lead-in sentence was a lie.

The horrors of S’mike’s childhood are brought to light, from the “lunches” his mother packed for him that caused him to fail classes in school to his secret shame, the __________wear store his family owned in the South Bend, IN mall.

Then gain more useless knowledge as Mike explains the intricate inner working of a VHS tape while he relays how to repair one. Just think, if you ever DID travel back in time… BIS will ensure that you can get a job at a video store to pay for your rotary telephone calls and sabretooth tiger hunts!

The Buddies then share (read: compete with one another by telling) their absolute favoritest stories from college, involving “my roomate is gone” parties and headbanging competitions with the police.

Also: Bat molestation! Penis sheathes made of celery! The best donuts in Rochester, NY!


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(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)