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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 242 – Loren Bouchard on Robin Hood

He created my favorite current TV show, Bob”s Burgers, and he picked one of my favorite animated movies – specifically a storybook and record combo.  This was a blast.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
Guest: Loren Bouchard

Bob’s Burgers
Story and songs from Robin Hood on Vin

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The Telltale Hole

The Buddies drink an Ouzon soda-based cocktail while recounting To-Do list adventures, the ignorance of neighborhood kids and proper face-punching technique if you are The Wolverine.

Plus: Miyazaki’s films vs Disney films! The rise and fall of Ben Stiller! And inordinate fears of subscribing to HBO!

Not to mention commmmmmmedy!


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Mike Finds Serenity in a Firefly-Themed Loot Crate

In this Christmas episode, the Buddies sip a holiday-themed interpretation of the classic rum punch as S’mike helps Mike unbox his latest Firefly-themed Cargo Crate from Loot Crate. Mike doesn’t know what’s in it, which S’mike uses to torment his compatriot.

Also… Tales from Opry Land! Near-matricide! The scariest roller coaster experience ever! The innate horrors of urban decay! Oh, and and comedy, too!

Btw, the sheer genius of this episode’s title will only become evident if you listen to the episode. Or if you know virtually anything about Firefly.


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The Buddies knock back booze-filled milkshakes and explore early 90’s music video cinematography, retail therapy and Grey Thursday blues.

Also: Tablets, Disney and accents, oh my!


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Demonic Vegans Shooting Acid

The Buddies sit down with artisinal Moscow Mules for a rousing play-through of their new favorite game, Superfight! A not-invisible Dr. Horrible squares off against his own insidious creation, and a unicorn with catlike reflexes gets a fancy upgrade.

Mike then relays his experiences drinking in downtown Austin, TX, and the local slogan “Keep Austin Weird” is 100% confirmed. S’mike counters with his experience hanging out with the late improv legend Del Close during his last visit to Austin, and the made-up-just-now slogan “Del Close was fricking insane” is also 100% confirmed.

A 2-year-old’s birthday party also gets a play-by-play break-down, complete with round-robin bounce-housing, cookie cake meltdowns and Disney merchandising.

Also: the socio-political state of modern-day Russia! Improv mills! And no Star Wars spoilers!


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Why Did I Buy This Episode 033: Hocus Pocus

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0033posterAri and Dan explore the halloween classic, Hocus Pocus (1993).  They are joined once again by sister-wives Shannon Gomiller and Kimberley Gomiller.  Check your volume levels, as the fun had got a bit noisy.

Kimberley and Ari also discuss the writing marathon, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and Ari is raising donations to help fight child illiteracy!  Go to https://www.classy.org/AridawnSponsors to donate!

POD Question:  What is a movie you would introduce to the next generation?

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Why Did I Buy This Episode 024: The Emperor’s New Groove

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0024posterDan and Ari discuss the severely underrated Disney film, The Emperor’s New Groove (2000).  They discuss lamp-shading and breaking the fourth wall.  Prepare for 00’s depression as Ari divulges how much she’s seen the film, and even more so when she discusses how much she’s heard the film.  Tune in!

Pod Question:  Who is your favorite talking animal in a movie?  Answer in the comments!

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