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Riding the Shark

The Buddies sip Perfect Gingers and discuss Game of Thrones’ “shark-jumping” tendencies, Charlottesville and the fact that No Man’s Sky is finally, a year later… an actual video game.

Also: Demon steeds! Legend of Zelda snooze fests! And recreating Valerian’s lack of romance in Skyrim!



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The Telltale Hole

The Buddies drink an Ouzon soda-based cocktail while recounting To-Do list adventures, the ignorance of neighborhood kids and proper face-punching technique if you are The Wolverine.

Plus: Miyazaki’s films vs Disney films! The rise and fall of Ben Stiller! And inordinate fears of subscribing to HBO!

Not to mention commmmmmmedy!


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DJCH Podcast Episode 14 – Flavor Profile (link below)

Beer sommeliers Dan and Jay discuss the beers you just haven’t had the time to catch up on in terms you can understand.  They also talk about some more Father O’Malley.
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