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BIS with Special Guest and Fellow Super-Geek, Jake Duell

The Buddies gently sip Carthusian Sazeracs (yup, they’re a thing) and are joined by Mike’s co-worker and friend, fellow super-geek Jake Duell!

Laugh at Jake’s sparkling wit! Marvel at his D&D knowledge! And be wowed by his political science-informed explanation of the history of America’s love of guns!

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Carthusian Sazerac Recipe:

2 1⁄2 oz. rye whiskey

1⁄4 oz. green Chartreuse

1⁄2 tsp. simple syrup

Absinthe rinse

2 dashes lemon bitters

Lemon twist, for garnish

Stir rye, Chartreuse, and syrup over ice in a cocktail mixing glass. Add a splash of absinthe into a coupe glass, and swirl to coat the inside of the glass before discarding the absinthe. Strain rye mixture into glass; top with bitters and garnish with a lemon twist.



Of Gins and Justice Leagues

The Buddies sip on classic Hendrick’s Gin and Tonics while S’mike recounts an honest-to-goodness moving, poignant story about his father and Vietnam.

I know, right?!

Also, Mike shits all over the new Justice League trailer! Explosive (headache) throbbing in Charleston! Haunted hotels and mysssssssterious impulsssse purchasesssssss, ooooooooooh.


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Meals Ready To Eat Or Something

The Buddies knock back painfully spicy Jinn + Ja rum cocktails while committing the most cardinal of geek sins, reviewing a movie neither of them has seen. But since the drinks burn so good and the movie being reviewed second-hand is Batman vs. Superman, everyone agrees that it’s cool.

Except maybe Ben Affleck.

The super-powers of Super Delegates get explored, although little is known about these strange and elusive Democratic creatures.

The Buddies then risk life and botulism when they open a decade-old US military MRE, or Meal Ready to Eat, which they purchased years previous at a Canadian Army-Navy Surplus store. Figure that one out! Some surprising discoveries are made about military food technology, as well as military-grade instruction writing.

Also covered: the Dungeons and Dragons alignment of General Zod! Extra S’mike abuse! And a very special guest introduction/birthday wish!

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The Hands of a Surgeon

Well wash your hands three times and grab a scalpel, healthy listener, ‘cuz Buddies In Space are gonna cut you open and stuff you full of…humor…

OK, that started better than it ended up, huh?

Mike shares why waiting on doctors sucks and how he coped with it (hint: it involves snark). Videogames get a healthy talkin’ about as S’mike shares his experience getting caught up with the Augmented Reality Game/viral marketing I Love Bees campaign back in the day for Halo 2. Mike shares his excitement for his impulse Xbox One purchase and is mocked by S’mike for it.

And rightfully so.

Vintage comic books also get a healthy exploration, as they are ridiculous and are just asking to be made fun of.

Also: Bear rape! The Death and Ret-conning of Superman! The horrible Justice League trailer that tells the entire movie plot!

The drink of choice in this episode is tepid organic apple cider with Jaeger Honey Bourbon. With a bee hive top and everything. For serious.

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