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The Buddies Flick the Web with Special Guest Andrea Rizzo

The Buddies go non-alcoholic as they welcome special guest and budding voice actress Andrea Rizzo, an old friend of S’mike’s and a part of his mysterious, illusive past!

Catchphrases are coined, copy is read and shocking things are revealed about S’mike*

Hear Dre’s voice reels at www.arizzovoice.com!

*Being completely boring technically counts as shocking nowadays. We’re just saying.

Listen to Original Podcast Here: goo.gl/zSNPci
(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)


Jay Likes To Watch… Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

In this episode of Jay Likes To Watch,  Jay watches as Dan slaughters orcs in Middle Earth:  Shadow Of Mordor.  Thrill as Dan kills generals and Jay discusses the rube that is Ratbag.  Also, Hatoful Orcfriend.  Enjoy!

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