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The Buddies Flick the Web with Special Guest Andrea Rizzo

The Buddies go non-alcoholic as they welcome special guest and budding voice actress Andrea Rizzo, an old friend of S’mike’s and a part of his mysterious, illusive past!

Catchphrases are coined, copy is read and shocking things are revealed about S’mike*

Hear Dre’s voice reels at www.arizzovoice.com!

*Being completely boring technically counts as shocking nowadays. We’re just saying.

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Steamy Flatlining

Movies! Fueled by a fancified version of an Old Dutchman, the Buddies talk about movies galore! Alien Covenant, which is (slightly) better than Prometheus. Guardians of the Galaxy 2, without spoilers!

And most talked-about, the 1990 Joel Schumacher film Flatliners. Complete with steam, billowing plastic and crazily-moving lights… And Kevin Bacon’s hair.

And the Buddies perform a public service, warning about the dangers of turning “Flatliners” into a drinking game.

Plus: Poignant car buying stories!  Mantis puns! Joel Schumacher orgasm impressions!

Listen to Original Podcast Here: goo.gl/Pnq79s
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Powdered Jesus On a Chip

The Buddies (well, S’mike, specifically) birth an outstanding new drink, the “Dead Rodent.” “Dr. Strange” gets further critiqued, and then the Buddies go down a deep, deep hole about Mike Birbiglia’s outstanding film “Don’t Think Twice.”

Long story short, a comedy about an improv troupe fucked Mike up but good!

Also: Dissecting the New York City improv scene! Chinese powdered Jesus! Comedic comedy!


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The Buddies knock back booze-filled milkshakes and explore early 90’s music video cinematography, retail therapy and Grey Thursday blues.

Also: Tablets, Disney and accents, oh my!


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A Litany of Pain

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The Buddies dive deep into graphics card dick-measuring, garage sales and the most ridiculous video game controller ever devised by mankind (hint: look at the pic). The not-so-great drink recipe from the previous episode is corrected, and gosh darn it, it tastes pretty good! Also, Mike recounts the time that Susan Lucci stabbed him with her Daytime Emmy.

Before you ask- Yes, that is actually a true story.

Mike and S’mike also compare their educations on the Civil War since they went to grade school on both sides of the Mason Dixon line. S’mike then shows his age by not really understanding what a podcast actually is.

Will S’Mike be able to decide who was “right” during the Civil War? What secret toy-related sound effect did Mike hide in the podcast to entice S’mike to listen to his own damned voice?? Will Mike ever stop over-stating the listenership size of Marc Maron’s podcast?!?!?!?!?!?!

There’s only way to find out, dear Buddies- listen now!

Also, DON’T FORGET about our Calling All Writers blog post- give us your embarrassingly bad short stories and poems so we can do dramatic readings of them later this summer!

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Barq’s and Black Holes


Buddies In Space returns to outer space- Finally!


Join the Buddies as S’mike recounts ANOTHER college spring break trip in which he failed to get laid (seriously, was this guy in college for a decade?!), Mike rants about being torn over a certain Christopher Nolan space epic and the subversive, subliminal genius of Stanley Kubrick gets recognized.


At least two bizarre alcoholic beverage recipes are provided for your drinking… “pleasure.” And S’mike shares a litany of old man noises!


Also included is the Buddies In Space call to action: “Calling All Writers!” You can read more and submit your original material here.



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May the Fourth Be With Your Wallet

The Buddies relive their Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica toy days from childhood, complete with REAL toy sounds (thanks, Youtube!) Also, Mike forces S’mike to begrudgingly talk about Star Wars on Star Wars day. Over and over and over again. The Star Wars Holiday Special might even get critiqued. Guess you’ll hafta listen to find out, huh?

Actors’ names forgotten in this podcast:

-Melissa McCarthy
-Naomi Watts
-Art Carney
-Scott Schwartz

Yup. Memory is a fleeting thing.

Also, S’Mike develops blower envy.

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Buddies in Space Is (Are?) Coming!

I want to officially welcome aboard the newest StolenDress podcast, Buddies in Space!  It’s an hilarious show, hosted by the incomparable New York duo of Mike Curasi and the enigmatically-named S’mike, who discuss tech, games, comedy and more.  They’re also our other drinking podcast, and definitely a spiritual sister show to Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour.  Additionally, we need to knock the movie “Space Buddies” off the top of Google’s results.  Just to… just to do it, you know?

The show premieres on the network next Friday, and will continue to bring you drunken space mirth every other Friday.

Also, I got bored and made the thing below, which was going to be my Friday post until the good news was confirmed:


Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast Episode 32 – Doily Echolocation

Dan and Jay are joined by Michael Curasi and the enigmatically-named Smike to discuss Dan’s first “side project,” with his 2-years-younger uncle, Jeff, entitled “The Rapin’ Jeff and Dangerous Dan Show.”   Not big spellers.

Find DJCHOUR on Twitter #DoilyEcholocation
Do the same for Dan Gomi

View Original Post and Listen to Episode Here: http://goo.gl/D9ER1x

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