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2017 Top Lists of Whatever the Hell We Felt Like

The Buddies warm themselves with Mike’s hard n’ hot apple cider as they see 2017 out the door, counting down this insane year the right way. The Buddies way.

With “Top Whatever” Lists!

Plus: No Star Wars spoilers! Silver linings! Plus-sized litter mats!

Annnd of course, humor…


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Hard n’ Hot Cider Recipe

6oz apple cider

2oz Apple Pie Moonshine

1/2 shot whiskey

dried cloves

sliced apple

sliced oranges

Warm all ingredients on stovetop


S’Mike Gets Bullied by a Two-Year-Old

On a very special after-school episode of Buddies In Space, S’mike gets bullied by Mike’s two-year-old son. Sticks and stones break his bones, and names hurt S’mike deeply…

To ease S’mike’s pain, Mike whips up a tasty maple syrup and pot still whiskey Old Fashioned, and the Buddies recount their New Year’s Eve lameness, their day of board gaming and they finally discuss That Thing In Rogue One That Mike Didn’t Want To Discuss Right After The Movie Came Out.

Also: New board game reviews! The OA! Humorous contextual phrasing!


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In Defense of Episodic Television, and Why It Should Die

The Buddies cast their final pod of 2016 while knocking back extra-strength sake “Man Cans,” left over from S’mike’s latest Sake Meet Up. Mike loses his $#!^ over Rogue One, discussing it’s may virtues with as few spoilers as possible.

The Buddies then turn their attention to episodic television and each makes a case either for or against it, based on how Netflix has turned the TV industry on its head. Intelligent stuff is said, but who is right? You be the judge!

Also: Misbehaving video game cameras! Mean children! New Year’s resolutions! And buddiness…


View Original Post and Listen to Episode Here: goo.gl/bVX5wK
(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)