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Of Gins and Justice Leagues

The Buddies sip on classic Hendrick’s Gin and Tonics while S’mike recounts an honest-to-goodness moving, poignant story about his father and Vietnam.

I know, right?!

Also, Mike shits all over the new Justice League trailer! Explosive (headache) throbbing in Charleston! Haunted hotels and mysssssssterious impulsssse purchasesssssss, ooooooooooh.


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Extra Special Interactive 50th Episode!

In 2009, S Michael Smith was cast in the art house/horror film “The Beast Pageant.”

In 2016, in celebration of Halloween and their 50th episode, Buddies In Space made fun of The Beast Pageant.

While drunk.

That’s right, folks, it’s our super-special interactive 50th podcast episode!!! We basically did a RiffTrax of S’Mike’s movie, and you get to follow along while watching it. The movie is free to stream on Vimeo here.

Navigate to the movie and press “play” when prompted in the podcast to have the interactive experience of watching the movie with us in real time as we mock it/provide tons of production commentary.

Enjoy, and here’s to 50 more episodes!


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The Buddies go full on nerd for this one, geeking out so hard and so fast that they never even say what they’re drinking (pineapple and mixed vodkas).

Old school gaming magazines get brought out, favorite nerdy RIT stories are swapped and The Scottish Play gets brought up an absurd number of times for some reason.

Plus: the ridiculousness of JRPGs! The Adventures of Young S’mike When He had No Friends! And jiggle-physics!


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Fringe Unicorns

In this episode, the Buddies drink Chartreuse two different ways while S’mike relays the wonders of the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Also: Dueling OJ Simpson documentaries! Virtual Reality headsets! And absolutely no mention of Donald Trump for once!


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The Book of (Stupid) Questions

The Buddies wind their way through the current political landscape aided by the insight of good ‘ol Rusty Nails.

Also, a correction to S’Mike’s Cube is mansplained.

It doesn’t take long, however, before they break the emergency glass and bust out their “back-up podcast theme” discussion prop, the 80’s best seller The Book of Questions.

While they meant to make fun of it, their answers end up being honest. Uncomfortably honest…

Also: Killing burglars! New Yorker Magazine articles! Humor!


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S’Mike’s Greatest Fear Is Realized

In this special episode of Buddies In Space, Mike lays a clever trap for a mentally exhausted S’Mike, forcing him to come face-to-face with his greatest fear- getting cubed!

Cut to that scene in the first Resident Evil movie, or the opening of Cube. Gross, right?

Actually, Mike’s wife joins the Buddies on the podcast for the first time ever to give S’mike an ancient personal assessment. What you learn will maybe shock you if you don’t know S’mike very well.

Also- Whiplash, and Captain America: Civil War get reviewed, Mike’s Loot Crate addiction is explored and the Buddies dance around an infamous and divisive e-mail thread.

Digital suspense!


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The Geekelution of Justin Woodhouse

The Buddies are joined by friend and recovering “party ninja” Justin Woodhouse, who serves up the most deliciously geeky cocktail ever made by man. Or woman.

Justin gets the BIS treatment, exploring the gradual embracing of his geekier side, cracking jokes and helping S’Mike to finally give Mike a hard time.


If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the Woodhouse, need a good laugh or want to learn more about the terrifying drinking game known only as “Pain” then you’re in the right place!

And Justin, don’t worry- you’re definitely a real geek!


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Meals Ready To Eat Or Something

The Buddies knock back painfully spicy Jinn + Ja rum cocktails while committing the most cardinal of geek sins, reviewing a movie neither of them has seen. But since the drinks burn so good and the movie being reviewed second-hand is Batman vs. Superman, everyone agrees that it’s cool.

Except maybe Ben Affleck.

The super-powers of Super Delegates get explored, although little is known about these strange and elusive Democratic creatures.

The Buddies then risk life and botulism when they open a decade-old US military MRE, or Meal Ready to Eat, which they purchased years previous at a Canadian Army-Navy Surplus store. Figure that one out! Some surprising discoveries are made about military food technology, as well as military-grade instruction writing.

Also covered: the Dungeons and Dragons alignment of General Zod! Extra S’mike abuse! And a very special guest introduction/birthday wish!

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So Exactly How Evil Is Mike Curasi, Anyway?

Find out here!

Mike takes a very revealing personality test, with S’mike as his personal “Bullshit Caller.” Which is an incredibly important job, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The results?


Coconuts are a theme as well, with tales of coconut daredevilry, fancy boozey coconut concoctions and a study of statistically significant coconut-related injuries in the US.

S’mike recounts the horrors of visiting his parents in their Floridian gated community, and the Buddies get in touch with their inner cavemen, recounting times they made bad decisions as their lizard brains took over.

Also: Vampire internet clips! Corn cobs! Crib escaping!

And the secret reason behind the zombie craze is revealed. You heard it hear fifteenth, folks.


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S’mike Ruins Moxy Fruvous, or The Buddies Ruin Everything

It’s Debbie Downer time, kiddos! The Buddies sip on dry soda and gin and fall into the Pit of Despair,  but instead of a lovable albino and the Six Fingered Man, instead the frightening real world creeps in.

Ahhhhhhhh! Real worlds are scary, amiright?

Depressing topics covered and mocked include police militarization, gerrymandering, racism and the allegations against the former lead singer of everyone’s favorite Canadian A Capella group, Moxy Fruvous!

Mike also relays his two, count ’em, TWO true experiences with having the NYPD draw guns on him and his friends. It was worse than it sounds. Also, he explains what taking Miracle Berry pills is like. Hint: bring lemons.

On the lighter side of depressing stuff, the Buddies review Spy (it was good!), British women bottling air (it’s stupid, but hey, good for them!) and writing kid’s books (it don’t take no college degree!)

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