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Riding the Shark

The Buddies sip Perfect Gingers and discuss Game of Thrones’ “shark-jumping” tendencies, Charlottesville and the fact that No Man’s Sky is finally, a year later… an actual video game.

Also: Demon steeds! Legend of Zelda snooze fests! And recreating Valerian’s lack of romance in Skyrim!



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The Buddies Flick the Web with Special Guest Andrea Rizzo

The Buddies go non-alcoholic as they welcome special guest and budding voice actress Andrea Rizzo, an old friend of S’mike’s and a part of his mysterious, illusive past!

Catchphrases are coined, copy is read and shocking things are revealed about S’mike*

Hear Dre’s voice reels at www.arizzovoice.com!

*Being completely boring technically counts as shocking nowadays. We’re just saying.

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Crocodile Mike-dee

G’day, mates! In this rousing episode, the Buddies drink a kombucha concoction as Mike recounts his bizarre emergency two-week trip down under to Australia, complete with ridiculous stories from the natives, goofy observations and a plethora of bad luck.

Plus: The confusion of walking on the left side! The taste of kangaroo flesh! Drunken Australianisms!

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Mike Finds Serenity in a Firefly-Themed Loot Crate

In this Christmas episode, the Buddies sip a holiday-themed interpretation of the classic rum punch as S’mike helps Mike unbox his latest Firefly-themed Cargo Crate from Loot Crate. Mike doesn’t know what’s in it, which S’mike uses to torment his compatriot.

Also… Tales from Opry Land! Near-matricide! The scariest roller coaster experience ever! The innate horrors of urban decay! Oh, and and comedy, too!

Btw, the sheer genius of this episode’s title will only become evident if you listen to the episode. Or if you know virtually anything about Firefly.


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Kubo and the Two Mikes

The Buddies sip ghetto-chic Home Sweet Homes as they gush over the outstanding Kubo and the Two Strings and The Boy and the Beast.

Also covered: Mike’s crazy new computer monitor set-up! Favorite anime! Curved television rants!

Oh, and accents, too!


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No Mike’s Sky

The Buddies knock back an updated take on the Irish Buck cocktail as S’mike loses his $#!^ over No Man’s Sky. Mike mocks him extensively during this.

Also covered: The lack of feminism in The Killing Joke! Subjective media! Mouth orgies versus dark alley rendezvous!


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Hail to the High Status, Baby!

The Buddies brave the scariest of liquor, 56-proof Red Star Er Guo Tou Jiu, also known as “Chinese Jet Fuel.” The wives join them to take reaction pictures (it’s a thing, apparently).

S’mike then shares the topic of his forthcoming scholarly thesis on Trump and high status behavior. Read all about it here!

Also, Mike relays the most manipulative thing he ever did to someone. No apologies!

Finally, the Buddies discuss the phenomenon that is Stranger Things, and Mike tries relay his love for the show without gushing too much.

Spoiler: He fails.


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War Stories

Ever wonder what it was like working in a video store? Do you dream of delivering pizza? Well, Buddies In Space crush your dreams and steal your wonderment! Wait, somehow that doesn’t sound right…

The Buddies relay their very best (and most ridiculous) recollections from their college jobs, complete with car jackings, customers who think they’re invisible, life before GPS and trailer park hierarchy.

Learn Mike’s mathematical formula for how to conduct a cost-benefit analysis on video game value. Feel sad sadness when S’mike shares how he exhausted every video rental in his small town due to loneliness…

Also, grill fires! Mazes and Monsters! Rib membrane removal!

The the Buddies even figure out what exactly is going on inside of a Red Box. Warning: You. Will. Be. Shocked.

And of course rants, riffs and humor. Mustn’t forget about those!


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With Special Guests Colin the Vampire Viking and Stuuuuuuuuuu!

The Buddies are joined by Colin the Vampire Viking, in his second BIS guest appearance, along with his long-time friend Stu Allen, two former members of horror movie podcast “The Death of Horror.”

Horror movies and tropes get discussed and dissected, Mike drudges up one of his craziest NYC stories yet and Bragg’s Apple Cider drinks are tasted aplenty. Spoiler: they’re not half bad.

Also, Colin and Stu relay their curious tendency to get “two-spooned” when ordering a dessert at a restaurant…

Stu didn’t get to talk much, so savor his every word. Enjoy!


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The 80’s vs the 90’s

The Buddies host the Battle of the Century, pitting the 80’s against the 90’s for decade supremacy with a little help from Trivial Pursuit.

Which was the better decade? Who has forgotten more? Only Buddies In Space can tell!

Also, tangents. So very, very many tangents.

Also, DON’T FORGET about our Calling All Writers blog post- give us your embarrassingly bad short stories and poems so we can do dramatic readings of them in a future episode!

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