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The Buddies Get Deep with Special Guest Joshua Lippincott

Battling a ghost in the machine, the Buddies are joined by special guest and fellow board game geek Joshua Lippincott. Drinks are shared, pizza is ordered, and then things get really, really deep. This, THIS, is the danger of having Josh Lippincott on your podcast!

Also: The moral correctness of dick pics in the modern age! Diagnostic troubleshooting in everyday life! Millennials!

Annnnd humor…


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Myths and the Dark Side (of Geekdom)

“And lo, did Buddies In Space return to form.”

No guests. No gimmicks. Just sheer, unmitigated, mildly antagonistic geek humor, baby! The Star Wars ticket pre-sale madness gets it’s due while hipster-Jamaican drinks are thrown together and consumed. Computer names and builds are discussed and then, inevitably, argued over.

Warning: there’s some nerd smack-talk up in this podcast…

Mike expounds on Joseph Campbell, his beliefs on mythology and how social media is utterly destroying the communal elements of humanity. You know, nothing deep or anything. Also the “Star Wars Is Anti-White” BS movement gets dissected, as does the darker side of the geek community.

S’Mike then shows off his fancy smartwatch. Shiny!

Also: DC’s unintentionally racist Vathlo Island. 3D movies. Edith Bunker or Hamilton or whatever.

Bam. Every element of geekdom covered.

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(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)