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2017 Top Lists of Whatever the Hell We Felt Like

The Buddies warm themselves with Mike’s hard n’ hot apple cider as they see 2017 out the door, counting down this insane year the right way. The Buddies way.

With “Top Whatever” Lists!

Plus: No Star Wars spoilers! Silver linings! Plus-sized litter mats!

Annnd of course, humor…


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Hard n’ Hot Cider Recipe

6oz apple cider

2oz Apple Pie Moonshine

1/2 shot whiskey

dried cloves

sliced apple

sliced oranges

Warm all ingredients on stovetop


The Buddies Flick the Web with Special Guest Andrea Rizzo

The Buddies go non-alcoholic as they welcome special guest and budding voice actress Andrea Rizzo, an old friend of S’mike’s and a part of his mysterious, illusive past!

Catchphrases are coined, copy is read and shocking things are revealed about S’mike*

Hear Dre’s voice reels at www.arizzovoice.com!

*Being completely boring technically counts as shocking nowadays. We’re just saying.

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In Defense of Episodic Television, and Why It Should Die

The Buddies cast their final pod of 2016 while knocking back extra-strength sake “Man Cans,” left over from S’mike’s latest Sake Meet Up. Mike loses his $#!^ over Rogue One, discussing it’s may virtues with as few spoilers as possible.

The Buddies then turn their attention to episodic television and each makes a case either for or against it, based on how Netflix has turned the TV industry on its head. Intelligent stuff is said, but who is right? You be the judge!

Also: Misbehaving video game cameras! Mean children! New Year’s resolutions! And buddiness…


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S’Mike’s Greatest Fear Is Realized

In this special episode of Buddies In Space, Mike lays a clever trap for a mentally exhausted S’Mike, forcing him to come face-to-face with his greatest fear- getting cubed!

Cut to that scene in the first Resident Evil movie, or the opening of Cube. Gross, right?

Actually, Mike’s wife joins the Buddies on the podcast for the first time ever to give S’mike an ancient personal assessment. What you learn will maybe shock you if you don’t know S’mike very well.

Also- Whiplash, and Captain America: Civil War get reviewed, Mike’s Loot Crate addiction is explored and the Buddies dance around an infamous and divisive e-mail thread.

Digital suspense!


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Red Nose, Redbreast

The Buddies get down with their Irish selves and tackle the Holiest of Grails, 120 proof cask-strength Redbreast Irish Whiskey. The booze be fancy, but can S’Mike keep up with Mike’s tastebuds?

Listen to find out!

Mike’s son’s eating woes get a good talkin’ about, and the Buddies finally discuss Jessica Jones. Both having read the comics, WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF THE ENDING OF SEASON 1?!?!?!

Also: The Star Wars Rogue One trailer! Suicide Squad hopes! Leaded glassware!


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Pissed Connections

The Buddies are at it again, and this time no corner of Craigslist is safe!

On a suggestion from S’mike’s wife, BIS tackles the weirdest, creepiest and most desperate Missed Connections they can be handed (because they’re too lazy to find some themselves), and then mock the hell out of ’em.

Didn’t see that coming, DID ya?!

Marvel at the sparkling wit of the Trader Joe’s Passive-Aggressivist! Stand in awe of the creepy office park drone who is crowd-sourcing his stalking! Groan at the ubergeek who fills his post with more references than even the Buddies combined can pick up on!

Also, Mike relays his brief stint as a post-apocalyptic slum lord, S’mike toes the line of being a ruiner and OMG AERITH DIES ALL OVER AGAIN NOOOOOOOOO.

Oh, and Trainwreck gets a favorable review. Even if some penises are made to shrivel…


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Demonic Vegans Shooting Acid

The Buddies sit down with artisinal Moscow Mules for a rousing play-through of their new favorite game, Superfight! A not-invisible Dr. Horrible squares off against his own insidious creation, and a unicorn with catlike reflexes gets a fancy upgrade.

Mike then relays his experiences drinking in downtown Austin, TX, and the local slogan “Keep Austin Weird” is 100% confirmed. S’mike counters with his experience hanging out with the late improv legend Del Close during his last visit to Austin, and the made-up-just-now slogan “Del Close was fricking insane” is also 100% confirmed.

A 2-year-old’s birthday party also gets a play-by-play break-down, complete with round-robin bounce-housing, cookie cake meltdowns and Disney merchandising.

Also: the socio-political state of modern-day Russia! Improv mills! And no Star Wars spoilers!


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The One We Did For Television

Join Buddies In Space as they film their first (and probably only) television episode for RCTV!!!

That’s right, the Buddies make their bid to be Rochester-famous by filming a pilot of their podcast in front of a dead studio audience at Rochester City Television studios!

This podcast was edited independently of the television show it came from, but there are still points where you’ll have to use your imagination as to what’s happening. Assuming you HAVE an imagination, you soulless automaton… Or, hey, just a thought, watch the TV episode here:


Discover Mike’s strange new addiction! Worry at S’mike’s alarming refusal to state that he is NOT a murderer! Delve into the insanity that is “Operation: Perfect Christmas!”

Plus laughter, cursing on television and reenactments. Wow!

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Myths and the Dark Side (of Geekdom)

“And lo, did Buddies In Space return to form.”

No guests. No gimmicks. Just sheer, unmitigated, mildly antagonistic geek humor, baby! The Star Wars ticket pre-sale madness gets it’s due while hipster-Jamaican drinks are thrown together and consumed. Computer names and builds are discussed and then, inevitably, argued over.

Warning: there’s some nerd smack-talk up in this podcast…

Mike expounds on Joseph Campbell, his beliefs on mythology and how social media is utterly destroying the communal elements of humanity. You know, nothing deep or anything. Also the “Star Wars Is Anti-White” BS movement gets dissected, as does the darker side of the geek community.

S’Mike then shows off his fancy smartwatch. Shiny!

Also: DC’s unintentionally racist Vathlo Island. 3D movies. Edith Bunker or Hamilton or whatever.

Bam. Every element of geekdom covered.

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