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Jason Klamm (photo by Jennifer Smith)

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Before graduating Columbia College Chicago in 2003, I had already directed one of the world’s first Viral Videos, with between 12,000-17,000 hits per day in 2001, pre-YouTube. I followed that up with a string of viral hits including 2004’s “Dinosaurs: They Certainly Were Big,” after which I was complimented by the scientific community as having “Made science palatable to the public, which is the mission of scientists that they seem to fail at and he succeeds.” In 2006, I moved to the feature documentary world when I associate produced 2006’s underground hit “Press for Truth,” followed up by my directorial debut in 2012, the mock-documentary “Looking Forward.” I recently completed directing the documentary feature film “Lords of Soaptown,” the insane true story of a sport known as “freestyle walking,” and am directing the unconventional sequel “Looking Forward: 2016,” which takes the form of video blogs over the course of 9 months. I founded StolenDress Entertainment in 2003.




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