StolenDress Metro Detroit

When StolenDress launched in LA in 2003, we never imagined we’d have productions from around the world on this site. When we moved our headquarters from LA to Metro Detroit in 2021, we were excited by the podcasting and entertainment scene thriving there. Since so many podcasts are centered either in LA and NY, and on life there, we wanted to make sure that our shows reflect the place we call home, which is why we launched StolenDress Metro Detroit, a wing of the StolenDress Podcast Network.

These shows are created by podcasters in the Metro Detroit area, for listeners everywhere. You’ll get your taste of local flavor, too, but that should be a welcome break from hearing podcasters talk about The Grove or The Americana or driving on the 101. All of our shows are found on our main podcasts page, but if you’re looking for our Metro Detroit shows, only, below is the current slate of shows created in and about Metro Detroit. If you’re interested in being part of our co-op network, please e-mail us at