Post-Modem: The Interwebs Explained (by Jason Klamm) — November 17, 2015
Jason Klamm brings you an unabridged, unedited history of the Internet, what it was, what it will be, and what it is.Patric Verrone (Futurama, The Simpsons, The Critic) says about the book:
“Oh what a tangled interweb Jason Klamm weaves as he hyperdrives us down the Misinformation Highway, gathering artificial intelligence from an online past we don’t remember to an offline future we won’t forget. Whether you prefer steam- or cyber-, Post-Modem will leave you totally punked.”

Comedian Jackie Kashian says:
“This is the longest, most detailed, best written joke in the world. It’s like being trapped in a car while someone tells you that 45 minute joke that ends ‘Then the horse said, “dogs can’t talk”’.”

From Rob Kutner (The Daily Show, Conan):
“With an inspired mix of real historical texture, ballsy anachronism, countless whip-smart jokes, and spot-on ‘archival photos,’ Jason Klamm spins a delightful John Hodgman-esque look at the Internet throughout history and today.”

Read two sample chapters here.


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