StolenDress Entertainment is an independent production company and podcast network based in the Metro Detroit area. We are dedicated to helping underexposed comedic voices rise above the din.  We’re behind one of the world’s first viral videos, one of the first web videos to ever make it’s way onto an airline, and some of the web’s earliest series.  Our projects have been distributed by companies as varied as NBC/Universal, Comedy Central and Frontier Airlines.  We’ve developed one feature film and one television pilot with Jamie Kennedy Entertainment.

Our first feature film, the improvised mockumentary Looking Forward, about a naïve young man’s pre-eligibility run for the presidency, is currently available online for free.  Looking Forward also competed in both FX and Comedy Central’s pilot competitions, making it the only one out of thousands of submissions to place in both.  The sequel, Looking Forward: 2016, was released from March through November of 2016 as a series of blogs (totaling 183) that was turned into a feature film in 2018.

We’ve recently released our first documentary feature film, Lords of Soaptown, the insane true story of the strangest sport in history – freestyle walking.

Our podcasts include the Comedy on Vinyl Podcast, Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour. The Podcast., Dispatches from Fort Awesome and Of Dice and Dens.  Most of our shows are recorded at Fort Awesome Studios.

Notable accomplishments:

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