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SD Podcast Network 2016StolenDress is a small podcast network. We make no bones about it. We’re also really proud of the shows we do, and we appreciate it whenever you choose to support our shows individually, through donations and merchandise purchases, or as a whole, by donating to StolenDress (see below). Our network is essentially a co-op. We promote one another’s shows, and the network, and we often appear on one another’s shows. This started when everyone in the network knew each other, but now it’s spreading as a result of mutual admiration.

We want that to continue, and we want to expand our base of shows in as progressive a manner as possible. While we’re primarily focused on comedy and entertainment, we’re also developing some less-comedy-oriented shows for the future, and we’re always looking for new shows to bring in to the fold.

This is where we could use your help. If you like a podcast that isn’t currently distributed, or have one yourself, let us know about it, by e-mailing suggestapod AT stolendress DOT com, or use the form below.

A few things to understand if you’re interested in being distributed:

    1. We only distribute shows that meet the basic, decent human standard of not being bigoted. Irony to make a point is one thing, but thinking hate is funny is the opposite of what we want to put out there.
    2. Along with the kinds of podcasts you might be more used to hearing, we want shows created by and starring non-white, non-straight, non-traditional-life-having people. We want to hear your stories and we’d like our audiences to know about them, too.
    3. We don’t ask people outside of the network to do shows for us. We don’t ask people to make something for free. If you’re already doing it yourself for free, we want to help you find an audience, and see if our own shows might find an audience within yours. To that end, please do not send us ideas for new shows. Those are yours, and we aren’t responsible for any confusion if we’re already developing something similar. If you’re already creating that show, feel free to submit it.
    4. We’re independent, day-job-working, struggling artists like the next person, but we’ve managed to churn out two feature films since being founded in 2003 and, of course, worked on a bunch of podcasts.
    5. We don’t have advertiser money coming in, so you’d still be doing your show as you are now, unless one of our other podcasts generates some advertiser interest, at which point it’s up to the advertiser to see if they want to expand to other shows in the network. As such, we would treat any agreement as non-binding, so that if you got an offer where someone could pay you, you could go to them without a hassle and with our best wishes. Also, of course, you’d continue to own your own show and anything you do with it. Your StolenDress posts would remain on the site, but we wouldn’t claim ownership.
As always, we appreciate your listenership and look forward to hearing more about the types of shows you’d like to see on our network.

Jason Klamm
StolenDress Founder-Person

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