The Comedy Archive

Inspired by the work of Taylor Jessen with The Firesign Theatre, Jason Klamm launched The Comedy Archive in 2019, as the home of the Dick Davy and NewsRadio online archives, as well as links to other comedy archives, and resources for archivists.



Lords of Soaptown

Picking up where Dogtown and Z-Boys wasn’t aware it left off, Lords of Soaptown tells the incredible true story of the world’s strangest sport – Freestyle Walking. You’ve seen Parkour, you’ve seen free-running, you’ve seen walking – but you haven’t seen anything like Freestyle Walking.

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Lords of Soaptown on 

(Director: Jason Klamm; Writers: Jason Klamm and Ray Nowosielski; Featuring: Dave Holmes (MTV), Bob Wiltfong (The Daily Show), Dave Sheridan (MTV), Improv Everywhere, Team Alva, and many others)

Looking Forward: 2016 This sequel to 2012’s Looking Forward consists of video blogs from 14 of the film’s central characters, posted from March to November, 2016.

Official Site: Looking Forward: 2016

Celery Sound Records

In 2017, we launched Celery Sound Records, a producer and distributor of comedy records by acting legend Paul Dooley, Jared Jeffries & Peyton Brown, and our own Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour.

Official Site: CelerySoundRecords.com

The Million McFly March On October 21, 2015, 1,000 fans of the Back to the Future films gathered to celebrate the films and to raise money for Parkinson’s research through Teamfox. The event took place at the Burger King in Burbank, California, the first real-world location used in the films (“Doc’s Garage” was located in the parking lot used for the March), and featured costume and prop contests, a hoverboard decorating contest, and a performance by the rock group Minor Strut, fronted by Mark Campbell (the singing voice of Marty McFly) for a performance of Johnny B. Goode.

Official Site: The Million McFly March

StolenDress Podcast Network Since 2011, StolenDress Entertainment has been producing comedy podcasts featuring some of the great minds in comedy. On The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast, guests from the world of comedy discuss their favorite vinyl comedy albums. Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour follows two sketch comedians through the archive of their own sketches, going back to adolescence. Why Did I Buy This? discusses the DVD collection of writer Ari Jarvis and husband, Dan. Buddies in Space follows improvisers Mike and S’Mike through their nerdy interests. The Cast Cast with Mike Worden is Mike’s journey through the great Broadway cast albums. Food Holes with Dan & Jay is the spin-off podcast of Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour, wherein the hosts challenge each other to eat strange snacks.
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Ho, Christmas Tree!

StolenDress Entertainment presents the first comedy album in 13 years from sketch comedy group and viral video pioneers Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour.  Featuring appearances by James Urbaniak and Philip Proctor.

(Producer: Jason Klamm; Written by: Jason Klamm; Starring: Dan Gomiller, Jason Klamm)

Official Site: https://www.stolendress.com/celerysound/product/ho-christmas-tree-album-download/

The Last Five Years

StolenDress Entertainment proudly produced, with Carly Worden, the 2014 Los Angeles staging of Jason Robert Brown’s immensely popular musical ‘The Last Five Years.’ This Los Angeles production precedes the upcoming film adaptation, and starred Michael Worden and Laura Zimmerman. The show premiered at The Attic Theatre on July 18, 2014.

(Director: Brian Robert Harris; Written by: Jason Robert Brown; Starring: Michael Worden and Laura Zimmerman; Producers: Carly Worden and Jason Klamm)

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Looking Forward

The world’s earliest presidential pre-campaign was caught on film – and we were there. Looking Forward is StolenDress Entertainment’s first feature film, an entirely improvised mock-documentary. It began as the only pilot submission to place in both Comedy Central and FX’s respective pilot contests, and recently spawned the book “Looking Forward: A Hopemoir.”

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(Directors: Rachel Krukowski, Scott Pettis; Writers: Jason Klamm, Scott Pettis; Starring: Jason Klamm, Matt Saxe, Laura Napoli, Dan Gomiller, Scott Pettis, Erica Howard, Monique LaBarre, TJ Cencula, Doug Wilkinson-Gray)

Looking Forward (Campaign Channel here:

Vice-Precedence: Being Number Two in the White House 

The first feature-length documentary on the Vice Presidency, Vice-Precedence is also a successful blog and upcoming book on the subject. Writers Matt Saxe and Jason Klamm approach the office with a level of humor intended to wipe away the typical pretense of awe-inspiration, opting instead for a truthful examination of one of the United States’ least-understood offices.

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(Director/Writers: Matt Saxe, Jason Klamm; Featuring: Dan Gomiller, Brett Schlank

Tunak Tunak Tun  

Following on the heels of the internet sensation of the same name by Bhangra pop star Daler Mehndi, Tunak Tunak Tun, starring comedic actor Dan Gomiller, was the first parody of the viral music video, and went viral in its own right in 2001, not long after it was first released. The video was even honored as a featured link on Mr. Mehndi’s site for several years.

Lord of the… Dance? | Know Your Meme

(Director/Writer: Jason Klamm; Starring: Dan Gomiller)

Daler Mehndi | Ishq Da Charkha (Follow-Up to Tunak Tunak Tun) | Tunak Tunak Tun on 

Dinosaurs: They Certainly Were Big 

Famed paleontologist Sue Hendrickson said of writer/director Jason Klamm “He made science palatable to the public, which is the mission of scientists that they seem to fail at and he succeeds. I hope to shake his hand someday.” Dinosaurs is quite simply a short film about dinosaurs, and it was one of the first online videos to play on an airline, when it became part of Frontier Airlines’ in -flight television in 2004.

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(Director/Writer/Star: Jason Klamm, featuring Chad Newman as ‘Dead Guy’)

Conan O’Brien’s Romance-A-Tee  

The only short film to be included on Late Night with Conan O’Brien’s HornyManatee.com site, the exposure bumped views up to 50,000+ in late 2006.

Archive of HornyManatee.com | Romance-A-Tee on 

(Director/Writer: Jason Klamm; Starring: Jason Klamm, Dan Gomiller)

Inform Nation  

StolenDress’ first web series, Inform Nation was chosen early on as a contender for the joint cable TV venture of Richard Belzer and National Lampoon radio entitled “Comedy Express TV.” Following in the steps of Dinosaurs: They Certainly Were Big, Inform Nation tackled real subjects with humor, trying to condense entire issues into an entirely too-short amount of time.

(Director/Writer: Jason Klamm; Starring: Jason Klamm, Dan Gomiller, Brad Schneider, Andie Bolt, Dan Jablons)

Shoestrings: The Demo 

The first comedy album from sketch group  Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour.

(Producer: Jason Klamm; Written by: Jason Klamm; Starring: Dan Gomiller, Jason Klamm)

Official Site: DanAndJay.com

Buying The Pharm 

An undercover exposé of the pharmaceutical industry in which director Ryan Penington sets out to uncover the truth behind the methods of the world’s largest industry.

Official Site | Banded Artists

(Director: Ryan Penington; Writers: Ray Nowosielski, Jason Klamm)

Buying the Pharm on