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Jason Klamm’s Blog –
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Lords of Soaptown –
Our upcoming comedy feature documentary on the history of freestyle walking.
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A Drinking Game –
Your favorite 80s movies, reenacted on stage – and you get to drink along. Featuring Jason Klamm.
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The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast –
Jason Klamm discusses his comedy influences and those of his guests while listening to classic comedy albums on vinyl.
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Vice-Precedence: Being Number Two in the White House –
The first documentary on the history of the American Vice Presidency.
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Jason Klamm in 2020 (&2016) –
Jason Klamm’s official presidential campaign website.
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Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour
Dan Gomiller and Jason Klamm’s comedy archive going back to 1993.  We recommend starting at 2000, and letting the Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour podcast guide you through the rough early years.

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 Budberrie Candymead: twitter |  Fruitopia: twitter

Guilt Footprint –
Tips and tricks for increasing your social impact with as little personal CO2 emissions and effort as possible.  Why feel guilty, when you can spread it around?
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Really Said That
Quotes you don’t know from people you do.
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Banded Artists –
StolenDress Entertainment’s documentary film partner, the producers of 2006’s underground indie doc hit “Press for Truth.”[Press for Truth on Wikipedia]