Michael Curasi

Michael Curasi

In 1999 Mike walked into the theater department of SUNY Geneseo and didn’t leave until they threw him out the day he graduated. While his pursuit of acting ultimately left him married, happy and without any semblance of an acting career, improvisational comedy stuck. Buddies In Space was originally a two-man improv comedy troupe he started with good friend and fellow improvisor S. Michael Smith after performing together in Unleashed!, eventually morphing into the podcast of the same name. Michael currently hosts Buddies In Space along with S’mike Smith, as well as editing and producing the podcast. In addition to listening to their podcasts on buddiesinspace.com, you also can watch scenes from their live two-man stage shows, as well as view their only episode of “What’s In the Box?!,” the now-defunct blind Amazon product review video “series.”

Buddies in Space

Delicious Ambiguity (2009) – Dan
Signs of the Time (2008) – Game Announcer


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