Upcoming Projects

A quick thank you to everyone showing their support for my existing podcasts and new friends like Pratfalls of Parenting.  Just a heads up that one of my old favorite StolenDress podcasts will be coming back soon, and we’ll be producing a Comedy on Vinyl spin-off podcast that I think existing listeners will like.

I’m also polishing my first novel, which has been too many years in the making, but that will be self-published this year if I don’t get the attention of a publisher or agent in time.  I just really like it and it’s fun, and I want to move on to the next thing.

For supporters of Lords of Soaptown, we’re looking at other festivals, and waiting to hear back from those we’ve already submitted to.  I also have some other people with a bit more documentary experience looking it over for me, but we’re moving forward, if much slower than we’d like.


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