Upcoming Projects

A quick thank you to everyone showing their support for my existing podcasts and new friends like Pratfalls of Parenting.  Just a heads up that one of my old favorite StolenDress podcasts will be coming back soon, and we’ll be producing a Comedy on Vinyl spin-off podcast that I think existing listeners will like.

I’m also polishing my first novel, which has been too many years in the making, but that will be self-published this year if I don’t get the attention of a publisher or agent in time.  I just really like it and it’s fun, and I want to move on to the next thing.

For supporters of Lords of Soaptown, we’re looking at other festivals, and waiting to hear back from those we’ve already submitted to.  I also have some other people with a bit more documentary experience looking it over for me, but we’re moving forward, if much slower than we’d like.

Either way, the company is growing and people are making and sharing things, which is what StolenDress started as.  Originally it was supposed to be a resource for film students, then that expanded into the idea of a network for filmmakers to help one another out, then a full-blown social-networking site, and it’s morphed into something that finds the best parts of those ideas, now carefully placed together.  Most of my old projects remain up there, because I actually prefer people being able to delve deep and find the dumbest crap I’ve made.  Frankly, even the dumbest crap I’ve made still satisfies me on some level, if only because I was trying hard to do something I enjoyed each time.

– Jason

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