The Buddies Tackle The Last Jedi

The Buddies Tackle The Last Jedi

Well, we all knew it was coming… In this episode, the Buddies partake of Mike’s tasty-yet-not-too-sweet strawberry and whiskey lemonade as they discuss that most inevitable of topics, the latest Star Wars film.

Plus: Love for Altered Carbon! Smelly garbage dump drama! And of course, “Your Name” (The mega-successful anime, not, you know… the name of the person reading this).

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“Not Too Sweet” Strawberry and Whiskey Lemonade


  • 20oz Lemonade (I used Country Time, made slightly weaker than recommended)
  • Stewed strawberry liquid
  • 2-3oz Whiskey


  1. Clean and slice 1lb of strawberries
  2. Gently simmer sliced strawberries in half cup of water for 15 minutes, stirring occassionally
  3. Let stewed strawberries cool
  4. Strain out strawberry pulp and add strawberry liquid to lemonade (add to taste, scale up as desired)
  5. Add strawberry lemonade and ice to high ball glass, mix with 2-3oz whiskey