Why Did I Buy This Sadako vs. Kayako (June 2018)

Why Did I Buy This Sadako vs. Kayako (June 2018)

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TrailerTrashingI guess I could have looked for a translated version of this trailer, but I had more fun watching it without even knowing what was being said. These film franchises are already so well established that we frankly don’t really need a translation to know what’s going on.

The trailer with the years and…titles? Awards? Okay, this is the downside of not having a translated version.

I have looked for a translated version, and could not find one, so you’re stuck with my guesswork.

Anyway, the side-by-side of what I assume are a list of the two franchises’ films is visually stunning. One side scrolls up and the other down, compounded with the creepy flashlight-esque lighting, sets the ever-sinister atmosphere of both these series.

I already know, even without English, that some shit’s about to go down.

I admit, I haven’t dutifully followed these movies. I watched the first few, and I read a bunch of the manga, but otherwise, over the years I lost interest in them. However, I fully admit that the whole SO-AND-SO VS. SO-AND-SO nostalgia trick does it for me, almost every time. And this is one film I never even considered happening. I should have, but I just didn’t. And now I’m ecstatic.

So for me, an on-again-off-again fan of the Ring and Grudge movies, I find the music used in the trailer to be a cool throwback. It’s similar to the typical Jason Vorhees “killkillkillkill” music, only chicken-pecked out on some old, tinny piano. Then it spirals into more cacophonous, distorted electronica. The clips promise the usual mixture of disgusting, upsetting deaths and long, drawn-out portions of talking and staring and talking and staring.

But the best part, for probably almost everyone excited about this film, is that last portion of the teaser. Kayako’s iconic gravelly moan stabbing our ears as her hand crushes the equally recognizable VHS Rings in this momentous Grudge match.

Of course, then the entire creepy atmosphere is ruined by Toshio flicking his tongue. I’m sorry, but he has never really scared me. He just reminds me of my brother. Being an idiot.

Overall, the trailer nails the scary vibe. I know exactly what I’m getting in to if I see the film (who am I kidding, WHEN I see this film). Personally, I don’t even want to see a full trailer. This minute-long teaser is perfect. No real spoilers. No sense of the plot. Just introduces the face-off and declares, “I dare you to not want to see this shit!!”

But, I will probably have to review the fuller trailer. But as far as this teaser is concerned, 3 out of 3 and a big fat “TAKE MY MONEY!”



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