Lords of Soaptown (Blu-Ray)


Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $15.99.

The documentary film Lords of Soaptown is finally available in HD from Celery Sound Records.  Lords of Soaptown is the true story of the origins of a sport known as ‘freestyle walking,’ and the four Chicago-area teenagers who spawned it in 1996, along with a multi-million-dollar line of shoes called ‘Soaps.’

Special Features:
Director commentary with guest Brian Hall
Short film Dick Pic created by Mike Rempert and Thomas Mottier
VHS footage from public access show featuring the film’s subjects
Trailer for Looking Forward: 2016
Video episode of The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast

Lords of Soaptown pre-orders and early orders ship free.

Director: Jason Klamm
Lords of Soaptown on IMDB


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