Post-Modem: The Interwebs Explained


You know absolutely nothing about The Internet, even if you think you do. Whether an expert or a “newber,” Post-Modem is guaranteed to tell you something you would have never known about The Internet without picking up this book. How did housewives in the 50s combine a turntable and a HAM radio to get Wi-Fi? What is the connection between “Mad Men”‘s Jon Hamm and AskJeeves? (hint: you might want to ask Jon Hamm!) Is Richard Dawkins real? How did Stalin create the first LOLCat via Sputnik? Post-Modem is the unabridged, unedited history of the Internet you’ve always needed.

Rob Kutner (The Daily Show, Conan) says: “With an inspired mix of real historical texture, ballsy anachronism, countless whip-smart jokes, and spot-on ‘archival photos,’ Jason Klamm spins a delightful John Hodgman-esque look at the Internet throughout history and today.”


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