The Hoodoo Factory Episode 012 – Balloon Part A

The Hoodoo Factory Episode 012 – Balloon Part A

In this episode of The Hoodoo Factory we discuss the episode Balloon. This is the second of three episodes in our “Jimmy Publicity Stunts” unit. Part A is the game show portion of the Hoodoo experience. In the ABSA Fever round we’ll discuss some of our favorite scenes, quotes, keepsakes, and more. In the Marty Party round we’ll discuss our answers to these hard hitting questions:

  • Is it The Real Deal (I buy it) or The McNeal Perspective (I’m selling it)?
    • Joe is the best flight technician/inside man that Mr. James could have hired for this stunt.
    • The new Jimmy James Web Browser spikes in sales after this stunt.
    • Lisa does publish a story about the balloon incident being a stunt.
    • It is acceptable that Jimmy pulled this stunt.
  • Have an Adequate Day by playing “would you rather.”
    • Would you rather suffer a nicotine withdrawal incident at work that requires medical attention OR suffer a caffeine withdrawal incident at work that requires medical attention?
    • Would you rather have a huge juicy secret about your boss that you want to share very badly but would get fired for telling OR find out that there was a big secret at work that people you trusted kept from you?
    • Would you rather balloon around the world in a vehicle made by Joe OR sail around the world in a boat made by Joe?
    • Would you rather deliver a press conference for a hoax and you can see your friends believing every word you say OR attempt to get away with pulling a big hoax at work with two of your closest work friends?
    • Bonus consequence: accidentally drink from a chaw spit cup.

We hope you’ll play along. Feel free to tweet us your answers by tagging @Hoodoo_Factory on Twitter. Come back Thursday for Part B where we’ll discuss the episode in greater detail.

Listen to the episode here.