With Special Guest Matt Quinn, aka The Missed Bromance

With Special Guest Matt Quinn, aka The Missed Bromance

In this second installment of the “Guest Fest” episode series, the Buddies quaff Averna Siciliano-based Black Manhattans alongside their special guest, virologist and all around geeky dude Matthew Quinn.

Matt recounts his and Mike’s doomed bromance from days past, reveals a truly amazing number of interesting (and depressing) facts about microorganisms and comes dangerously close to both out-geeking and out-podcasting the Buddies. But what else would you expect from Mike’s doppleganger?!

Also: Career paths based off of Michael Crichton novels! Barbecued parrots! And of course, so much laughter…

Listen to Original Podcast Here: goo.gl/7XsNwx
(via the Buddies in Space Podcast)

Black Manhattan


2 oz. rye whiskey
1 oz. Averna
1 dash Orange Bitters
Cherry garnish


Stir well with ice (no shaking!)

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Garnish with a cocktail cherry