The Hoodoo Factory Episode 024 – Jackass Jr High Part A

The Hoodoo Factory Episode 024 – Jackass Jr High Part A

Part A


In this episode of The Hoodoo Factory we discuss the episode Jackass Junior High. This is the first of three episodes in our “Costume-Mania” unit. Part A is the game show portion of the Hoodoo experience. In the ABSA Fever round we’ll discuss some of our favorite scenes, quotes, keepsakes, and more. In the Marty Party round we’ll discuss our answers to these hard hitting questions:

  • Is it The Real Deal (I buy it) or The McNeal Perspective (I’m selling it)?
    • In the breakroom, Bill has the most upsetting behavior/appearance before Lisa brings in the temp.
    • Matthew is the best choice on staff to give a tour, in general.
    • The guys in the break room blaming Bill’s belch on Lisa is the biggest show of their affection for her.
    • People on tours of workplaces should be able to directly ask questions to the workers as they perform their duties.
  • Have an Adequate Day by playing “would you rather.”
    • Would you rather give a 10-15 minute tour of your workplace, five times a day for a week, bothering your coworkers, OR have a group silently watch you work for the full day, for a week?
    • Would you rather have a coworker pass gas then openly blame it on you to an attractive guest in the work place OR have a full tea party in the men’s room?
    • Would you rather help a coworker save face by allowing them to publicly mock you and have them say some really hurtful things OR save face at work by publicly mocking someone else?
    • Would you rather dress in a silly costume at work for the day and do a song and dance for visitors OR be on a tour where the guide is obviously completely making everything up?
    • Bonus consequence: be expressly told that you are not funny, with the implication that you shouldn’t ever try again.

We hope you’ll play along. Feel free to tweet us your answers by tagging @Hoodoo_Factory on Twitter. Come back Thursday for Part B where we’ll discuss the episode in greater detail.

Listen to the episode here.